Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a feng shui workshop by yourluminalife where I got to explore how the five elements govern the flow of energy through physical spaces.

It was my first real introduction to feng shui and I feel lucky I got to learn from such an amazing teacher  — I came away from the weekend workshop so clear and energized with a list of very actionable items for how I could improve the workflow and enhance the prosperity of my restaurant space.

I literally went straight from the workshop to the restaurant and spent a super-focused evening moving furniture and clearing clutter with more vision and purpose than ever before, and I was delighted by what immediate results I got.

Several days later Danijela came to the restaurant for a follow-up consultation and we mapped out the entire restaurant together and focused specifically on how energy flows through my space.

Would you know that I’ve been hmm’ing and haww’ing for over a year going back-and-forth on whether to make certain renovations to my restaurant… wondering if it’s the right thing to do? if it will be worth the expense?

Just in this one afternoon, I got so much clarity on which ideas to move forward with, which would actually work against my long-term goals, plus new ideas that I hadn’t even considered. What a godsend Danijela is to my life. She couldn’t have come at a better time, I adore her calm collected presence and her incredible knowing spirit. It’s so cool how she comes from a totally spirit-driven esoteric place with incredibly practical advice.

I just have to say thank you, Danijela, for the curiosity that you’ve sparked in me and the light you’ve brought to my life.